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Tuesday 12th May

Activity 1

Good morning, follow the link below to watch this weeks first phonics video. Today we will be learning the sound 'ar'. Please use the document below after to help support your child reading and recognising the new sound.

Activity 2 


Today we will be learning about the Buddhist festival Wesak. Follow the link below which will take you to the Cbeebies website. Watch the videos with your child and follow the story of Shelin and her family celebrating Wesak with friends. Discuss with your child the similarities and different to festivals that we celebrate, such as Easter and Christmas. For the task today support your child making an animal mask just like the ones they have at Wesak. You can follow the step by step video on the Cbeebies website or make your own. I have also attached some mask printouts underneath. 

Activity 3


Support your child completing the Ladybird doubles sheet. Your child needs to complete the ladybirds dots to make them even on both wings. Remind your child that when we double a number we add the same number together. Then underneath support your child writing the answer to the double - e.g. double 1 is 2. If you don't have access to a printer you can do the same activity but draw the ladybirds or draw dominoes instead if it's easier.