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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Speedy Maths - Can you beat your time. Choose Bronze, Silver or Gold


Today I would like you to remind yourselves of finding percentages. I have put a great video below to help you if you have forgotten.

Your work for today

Your work for today 1

Finding Percentages of Numbers

Using the bubble method to find the percentage of numbers (requested by Phoenix).


Spelling test number one will be at 11 am. I will send you the code at 10:45 am!!


Lindisfarne is full of history and stories about the sea. One of the most famous stories is about a heroine called Grace Darling -perhaps you have heard of her. Watch the video below and learn her story. Your task today is to create a comic strip that tells the story of Grace Darling. Split a page of your home learning book (or a piece of paper) into 6 equal rectangles so that it looks like this:







In each box draw an image of  part of the story in order. Add speech to the characters or add a summary of the story under each picture.

The life and work of Grace Darling (dramatisation) | History - True Stories

Suitable for teaching 5-11s. Grace Darling tells the story of her life as a lighthouse keeper's daughter, and describes the night she and her father rowed ou...

Art Challenge

Today to your art challenge is to draw your favourite film character