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Tuesday 24th March

Activity 1 

 Good morning! Today kick start the day off with the phonics game 'Flashcards Time challenge'. Follow the link I have attached bellow and click on the Flashcards time challenge game. You may need to login so use the user name and password I have added at the end in red. When on the game click start and then the button that says 'pick individual graphemes' then choose set 8 ALL. When your child has completed their time challenge go back and click on the game called 'sentences' please select either of the tricky word sets to work from. In this task your child will practice reading the sentences and recognising the tricky words.  To access these games use the login user- march20 password- home

Activity 2

Activity 3

 Take part in some role-play today with a family member! Such as kitchen role play, doctors, babies or saving the world from bad guys. Parents let your child lead the role-play and think of their own ideas. Let them decided the roles, and choose what happens next etc. Can they use items around them as props in their play? Can they introduce new story lines?