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Year 6



Teacher: Mrs H. Haskell
Teaching assistants: Mrs Dixon and Mrs Greenhouse


Welcome to Year 6.

Year 6 is a very busy class We take pride in being the schools role models and try our hardest each day to do the very best we can. There are lots of links if you scroll down for extra activities you can do at home. 


SATs and London Information Slides

Aladdin Trouble

Aladdin Refrain 1 (Vocal).mp3

I Still Believe (Vocal).mp3

Just Three Wishes (Vocal).mp3

I've Had Enough (Vocal).mp3

New Lamps For Old (Vocal).mp3

Some Things Go Together Perfectly (Vocal).mp3

Wishy Washy Laun-d-ry (Vocal).mp3

Wedding Procession (Vocal).mp3

The Chase (Vocal).mp3