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Wednesday 22nd April

NEW LEARNING TODAY - 'Percentages'


Week 2 - lesson 3 'Understand percentages' (not summer week 2)

If you only have a smart phone, not a computer, then it would still be worth trying to watch this video link. They are very clearly laid out and will help to understand percentages. Please contact me via Seesaw so I can help you go through today's work if this is tricky for you.

NB: If you are not able to print out the worksheet - please leave out Q3 and Q8.
You do not need to copy out any of the hundred squares - simply count on screen and write the answer in your book.

This is a handy online hundred square to help you count the squares within a hundred


I think you will will all love this story-poem. It was written in 1829, so it uses old fashioned language. (It reminds me of James and the Giant Peach!) I would love you to watch, listen, read... and then do something creative for it - something you would find fun to do.


Here are just some ideas...

 - Make a drama/performance for your family - remember all of those interesting actions you should do so it's not boring. You could also use the cut-out puppet characters below.
- You could learn some verses off by heart (and even ask family members to join in!)
- Dress up like the spider or the fly.

- If you are able, record your voice reading your favourite verses and I will pop them on the Seesaw journal so you can 'listen and like'. 

- write a quiz about it for your friends and families

- Write a diary from the spider's point of view.

- write a new verse

The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt and illustrated by Tony Diterlizzi

cut-out puppets of the characters and copy of the poem

Happy Earth Day! Have noticed that if you click on the Google logo at the moment you can go straight to a simple, fun game to pollinate plants which then gives lots of bee facts.