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'Learning God's Way'

Science policy. Reviewed January 2020

Science Day 2020 'Our Diverse World'


At St. Mary's, we will:

  • Enable pupils to make decisions about the uses and values of scientific work and achievements
  • Enable pupils to develop an understanding and respect for the natural world
  • Enable pupils to question, hypothesize, test and discover for themselves about our world.
  • Support children to develop the skills required to investigate the world around them
  • Support children to become effective communicators of scientific facts and data through mathematics, literacy and IT.
  • Encourage children to develop a responsible and considerate attitude towards their work, with an awareness of the safety to themselves and others.


How we teach and plan Science:

  • We teach Science in a range of ways; discrete sessions, cross-curricular sessions, project based learning.
  • Teachers plan each Science topic using a medium term planning format, which includes and focuses on key Scientific vocabulary that is taught during the topic.
  • Teachers assess pupils at the start of a topic (cold task) during sessions to identify those who are working towards, meeting or exceeding expectations and end of a topic (hot task)
  • Teachers ensure they follow the National Curriculum to ensure progression of working scientifically skills and objective coverage is build upon year after year.
  • Teachers ensure they embed working scientifically skills into lessons and wherever possible, set up investigations for children to shape their own learning
  • Teachers ensure new vocabulary related to each topic is displayed in the classroom, understood through use of glossary work at the start of a unit and that spelling lists sometimes incorporate key Scientific vocabulary
  • Where appropriate, teachers plan educational visits that link to Science.
  • Science focus days each year during British Science week help to inspire children and awaken curiosity and excitement


How do we measure the impact of our Science teaching and learning?

  • Teachers track progress using objective trackers for both working scientifically and topic objectives.
  • Children are assessed as 'working towards age related expectations', 'working at age related expectations' and 'working above age related expectations'
  • Progression in assessment is ensured by trackers being passed up through each year group
  • Cold and hot tasks completed for each topic


We hope that:

  • Children enjoy Science learning
  • Children ask questions to broaden their understanding of concepts and processes
  • Children develop a wide and rich vocabulary related to Science
  • Children learn through first hand experiences 
  • Through a fun and engaging approach to teaching, children gain a foundation to understanding the world around them
  • Children are inspired to work in a role that incorporates Science in the future


If you have any questions about Science, please come and see me.

Mrs Jones (Science Co-ordinator and Year 3 Teacher)