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MONDAY 11th May 2020

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend and thank you for sending in your VE day pictures, your houses and tea parties look amazing - I have put together a little montage for you in the gallery page.

This week each class is asking children to learn a new song called 'Looking at the Rainbow'. It is a special song written by Nick and Becky Drake for school children around the country to learn and perform when we are all back together again. I have put a link below for you and the lyrics.

Our whole school learning theme this week is 'Different Faiths' - your English activities will be based around five different religions.

As usual, spelling quiz will be on Thursday at 10am (plus Mon/Wed/Fri random Year 4 spellings revision at 10am).

As always, I am here for you all - whatever you may need. Miss you all so much.

Mrs Dean

WORD OF THE WEEK - BIFURCATED (Can you find out the definition?)