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Y5 - Home Learning

WEEK 15 - Last week of term
We have all finally made it to our final week and what a term it has been - what a year it has been. Some of you will be in school today with others on Tuesday and Wednesday so you are not expected to do all of the Home Learning on your day in school. This can be continued after we break up and into the holidays. I look forward to seeing you all at a distance having fun with Mrs Jones and sampling the Y6 life!





Your new (continuing) topic this week is.. 'Crime & Punishment' through the ages

Your work this week




This week the Virtual School Games are running each day. Mrs Dean would love you all to participate and has all the details on this link - plus there is a dance activity too.



I'm really looking forward to seeing you again today at our zoom meeting 2:15pm
Password details will be sent via Seesaw.
It would be lovely today if you could think of your favourite memory of being in Y5 to share with everyone.
I shall share one of my own too smiley

Your work this week

Hi everyone - I am really looking forward to our zoom call this week. I have planned an interesting mix of topics for you this week - as a change from geography. You'll be dipping into some French and also some science - robot science! As you know I am full time in school now but I shall be looking out for your photos and posting them so you can see each other's work. Have a great week everyone!

Your work this week

THE WILD ROBOT written by Peter Brown and read by Miss Taft
I can't quite believe we are in week 10 - can you? I'd like you to know that you are always on my mind and hoping that everything is as well for you as can be. Seeing your work and faces gives us all a lift at school and helps us to stay motivated and keen to keep going. I have mainly provided you with the topics which you would have covered in Y5 at school and this week is no different - I hope you enjoy the tasks and learning this week.
Spelling List 19 is up and running for you. How are gou getting on with SUMDOG? (the kids in school could only play as a 'guest' - did you have that problem? I'm on the case trying to sort that!). I am working from home on Monday and Tuesday, then in school Wed-Fri. Mrs Dean will organise your hive games on Friday. Have a great week everyone!

Your work this week

Hello class 5!
I hope you had a nice half-term. As promised, we continue work on Rivers and we also return to practising fractions. Your spellings are now active - List 18, with hive tests at 1:30pm for stage 5 and 2pm stage 4. To keep your basic maths skills going, continue with Sumdog or Quickmaths. Don't forget your old favourite 'Hit The Button' too. Are you still reading? Have you tried my audio book? (I'd love to know what you thought of it). There is a follow up to the Wild Robot too which my last class also loved. 
Have a good week everyone - we are all missing you so much - hang on in there everyone!
I shall be in school for most of the week but will do my best to reply to any messages

Your environmental message posters



Good morning and welcome back to our online learning. I have been enjoying recording The Wild Robot story for you and hope you are enjoying listening to it. We're half way through the book... I wonder what will happen to Roz next?

Spellings: list 17 for you all and we will have our hive games on Friday AFTERNOON (1:30pm stg 5 and 2pm stg 4)

Maths practice - maybe have a change from the Quick maths and play on Sumdog (your passwords were sent to you on Seesaw a few weeks ago so scroll back to see those, if you haven't had a chance to log in).

Have you Learned 'Looking To The Rainbow' yet? It's really catchy - I can't stop singing it. And of course for some P.E fun, you have the Virtual School Games challenge to be doing for Mrs Dean (there is a teacher's event coming up too - yikes). So lots to be getting on with as well as the Maths and English today. If you haven't had a chance to do any of the other topics (like Lighthouse story week or Spiders week) then they can always be done.

your work this week



Good morning class 5. Hope you had a lovely weekend. I enjoyed seeing some of your pictures about VE day; well done for those who took part. This week, the teachers are joining forces once again to have themed topic week. Along with most other classes, we will be having an RE focus about different faiths.

As well as this, we would love you all to learn a new song called 'Looking To The Rainbow' (Click this link for details)

As usual, work hard on your Quick Maths and your spellings (list 16 this week). Hive Games will be on Friday morning at 10:00am for stg.5 and 10:30am for stg.4

(NB: Monday 11th, I will be in school once again but back on board with you all on Seesaw for the rest of the week after that). Have a super week everyone - you are all doing brilliantly and we are so proud of you all!




Hello everyone. It's great to be back with you again and, as promised, I will be working today to upload the work sent to me last week. 

As a staff, we have decided to work on the same topic this week- the NHS and VE Day. So Mrs Dean has kindly put together a week of learning and competitions for all of KS2. Each day you will see TOPIC work which is a link to the NHS or VE Day pages. I'm sure you will enjoy the range of ideas, tasks, quizzes and competitions. Our maths this week is all about fractions. Don't forget, I'm here if you need me on Seesaw. 👩🏻‍🎓😀🌈

Spelling LIST 15 for all stages
Your hive games this week will be on Thursday morning Stage 5 at 10:00 am and Stage 4 at 10.30am 




Good morning everyone. As you know I am in school this week so am not easily able to respond to your questions or offer help at the time you may need it. If there is anything urgent, where you need an immediate response, Mrs Jones (Y6) is added to our Y5 Family Link this week as an additional point of contact.

This week, I‘d like you to try the BBC Bitesize pages which are beautifully planned and very entertaining! 
However, their history lessons are a repeat for many of you as you did this topic in Year 3. Instead, I would like to finish our life-cycles topic which is all about flowering plants. So instead of doing History today, and science on Wednesday - There are some replacements. The other afternoon topics offered by the BBC I will leave up your parents to decide if you want to do them.


Spelling LIST 14 for all stages (I will aim to set up your hive games this week on Friday morning between 9.30am and 10.30am - all being well in school) 



Welcome back! Your spellings have now been updated with new lists to practice. This term, aim to have your spelling test on Fridays (the new lists will now appear on Saturdays). If you are able to - I will run a live online spelling test ('Hive Game') on Fridays at 2pm - I will send you a code number 10 mins before if you would like to join in. As a reminder, the spelling lists are shown below. This week you are all on List 13 on your stage.

Plus - there is now a new feature on this site ...MATHS SHED. This should appear when you log on. So practice the games on there too. Maths Shed works well on all apple devices. If you have an android, you will need to log in through the website and not the app' in order to see the Maths Shed games
LIST 13 for all stages









Letter from Miss Taft

Your Lighthouse Newspaper Reports

Week Three
Practise Quick Maths for 5 mins (contact Miss Taft if you need the next animal up)
Practise spelling shed - write them down too so you don't just rely on the website. Ask someone to test you on a Tuesday. Write your spelling test in your book.
The 'Challenge words' list starts on 1st April.
Next Tuesday (7th April) - do the test. After the Easter weekend, I will adjust the dates to fit more logically to our home learning week.

Week Two
Practise Quick Maths for 5 mins
Practise spelling shed (list 9 up to Tuesday 24th March) - write them down too so you don't just rely on the website. Ask someone to test you on a Tuesday. Write your spelling test in your book.
The list 10 should start for the next week.

My Friend Walter by Michael Morpurgo. 
Don't forget you can listen to Miss Taft reading the end of our class novel on Seesaw (chapters 8 - 11) - Great for winding down with a bedtime story!
Week One
Practise Quick Maths for 5 mins
Practise spelling shed (list 8) - write them down too so you don't just rely on the website. Ask someone to test you on a Tuesday. Write your spelling test in your book.