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Friday 24th April


Week 2 - lesson 5 'Equivalent FDP (Fractions, Decimals, Percentages) - not summer week 2
Do make sure you have completed the other lessons first before doing this one

If you are unable to print out the sheet... 


Q2 - simply write how many individual beads you would circle
Q3 - no need to draw the squares - just say top square,  middle square and bottom square


Here is a handy online 'rekenrek' - just like we use at school - to help too.

Now our week of spider-work is coming to an end, I wonder how much you can remember? Today, I would like you to write a neatly handwritten letter to Catherine  Scott. Your letter should include:-


- a thank-you for her work (this was done for free  - just for our class)

- explain to her all of the things you know about spiders now that you didn't know before

- whether you are afraid of spiders... or have you changed your mind about them this week?

- and any new questions you might have for her.

Then send a photo of your letter to Seesaw and I can email a copy to her. 
As this letter is going to someone who is working on behalf of our school, use the school address on the top right hand side of your letter.

The end of the letter should not finish 'with love' but instead should finish with...


Yours sincerely




Dr Catherine Scott reads a picture book to you about a real life spider which was taken to the International Space Station to see how it hunted in zero gravity. Thank-you Catherine!