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Monday 4th May

Monday 4th May

NHS - day one (of three)



We have written sentences using semi-colons in class together; here is another chance to practise using them.
1 star = easy.     2 stars = medium.     3 stars = harder
Choose the sheet you feel comfortable with.

Comparing Fractions
This week, I'd like you to work through these excellent video lessons. They are made by National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics - who particularly focus on how children learn and how they remember what has been learned. We use many of their resources in class and the children will be familiar with their graphics and questioning. I hope you feel they are talking to you at your pace... and notice that by the end of each video you have explored the ideas deeply. NCETM start the week with you by comparing fractions - and the many ways fractions look and are represented. We often talk to children about cutting up pizzas... but there is so much more to fractions than pizza pictures... let's begin!

The sound begins after 11 seconds

If you are finding the part about drawing a numberline tricky - pause the video and try doing it on Mathsbot. (mums, dads and grandparents - many children find it very tricky to draw a numberline in fractions!) 
I have recorded myself on screen playing about with it so you can see how it works.
MATHSBOT: Fraction Number Line

screen recording of Miss Taft on Mathsbot