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Wednesday 6th May 2020

SHARING ASSEMBLY (on line of course!) will be tomorrow. 

We have had some lovely work sent us this week on Seesaw. If you haven't yet sent us something, then there is still time today. We love to celebrate your work by putting it on St Mary's website so all your friends and their families can see.


This will be tomorrow (Thursday 7th May) due to the Bank Holiday Friday. 

There will be two Hives. STAGE 2 at 10.30. Code sent on Seesaw. STAGE 1 at 11.00. New code sent on Seesaw. Give it a go! It's fun!

Your spellings lists were given on Monday. Your spellings are on your Spelling Shed log-in. If you don't know your log-in, please message us on Seesaw.

Job Search - We explored many different jobs yesterday. Today your first task is: How many jobs can you find in this picture? If your older brother or sister did this yesterday, then ask them to check you have found them all.

What jobs do your family or friends do in the community?

–Complete a job card for someone you know

–Do they work for the NHS?

–If not, could they do their job for the NHS?

Use the questions to help you interview someone you know who works for the NHS. You can do this by phoning them, messaging them or video calling them. You may even live with them, so could just ask them. You can present your work any way you like, but there is a printable version of the sheet below if you would like to use it.

Printable Job Sheet