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How did you get on with writing the beginning of your story? Continue to work on it if you need to. However, you can go onto the middle when that is done. The middle must be about Little Red meeting the wolf, but don't go any further than that!

This was how it finished yesterday in our example:

She was having so much fun that she didn't see a shadow creeping towards her.

Today, the story continues:


"Can I help you to build your snowman?" said a sly voice. 

Little Red jumped so high, she nearly landed in a bird's nest! There standing next to her was a furry, brown wolf (and he wanted to build a snowman with her?)

"No thank you." replied Little Red politely. "I must be on my way to see my Grandma, she's not very well and I have a basket of food to cheer her up."

The wolf looked thoughtful for a moment. Little Red could have been certain she heard his tummy grumbling. Then quickly said goodbye to Little Red and disappeared into the distance. 

Little Red thought for a moment too.

She wasn't ready to be tricked by a wolf, she knew better than that.