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Thursday 2nd July

More history about measurements
Read all about the unusual ways measurements have been done throughout history.

YOUR TASK: I would like you to measure a range of things in your house - but they must be something huge, something tiny and something in-between. This could be the size of a room, the width of a chair or the length of a lego brick. BUT - yo are not allowed to use a ruler or tape measure. Find something else which can be used as you measuring device. Put your results into a chart which shows what you used as your measuring instrument. I look forward to hearing what things you use!

This is a creative writing day for you on the subject of circus animals.
Many countries nowadays do not allow circus animals. Why do you think this is? Read the information here and then have a discussion about it with your family. 
Here is a link to the RSPCA on the subject.

Then I would like you to do a piece of writing on this subject. It could be a story, a poem, a letter to persuade a circus owner to stop using animals, a letter which persuades the prime minister to allow them, or even a diary from the point of view of an animal.

(Maybe you have seen 'Dumbo' and what it was like for that character)

If you need some more reasons why people agree or disagree on circus animals - read the 1st page of this document.

Make A Paper Cut-out Animal