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Thursday 26th March

Activity 1

Good morning! Please follow the link bellow and create your own account for Oxford Owl website. It is free and full of eBooks for your child to read with you (If you have already made one then login to your account). When you have done this choose a book from the eBook collection and read together. I believe the further down the list you go the harder the level of the book. If your child is finding it a bit tricky go back and if you feel it is too easy move forward a few books. When you have created an account you can access these books at anytime! 

When reading make sure your asking your child questions about the book encouraging them to use because in their answer. For example, you could ask what time of year is it summer/winter? You child might respond 'I think it is winter because the children have coats and hats on'. 

Activity 2

You will need: paper or card, scissors, pencil


For today's maths task your going to make some number cards 1-20. They can be as big or small as you like, a good size would be an A4 piece of paper split into 4 or 8. Parents you are going to write the numbers 1-20 on one side of the paper and support your child drawing the correct amount of dots to match the number on the other side of the paper. When you have finished your child can help you to put them in the correct order or you could lay them in order and miss some numbers out. Your child needs to work out which numbers are missing!  Don't throw the cards away as we will need them for tomorrow's task! 

Activity 3 

This activity is to promote your child's understanding of the world and scientific thinking! I have attached two different simple science experiments you can do at home to develop your child's understanding of the ocean. One is to help them discover how the amount of salt in the water affects an objects ability to float and the other is to help them understand what happens to fish and sea creatures when the ocean starts to freeze in cold weather. 


You will need: bowl , water, salt, egg or bowl, water, plastic toys and freezer. 


Choose the experiment that you have the resources for or the one you think your child will find the most interesting!