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TUESDAY 16th JUNE 2020

We also have our Zoom today at 1pm (details will come out on Seesaw this morning) - I can't wait to see you all! We haven't had Show and Tell since March so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity.  Think outside the box though - what a UNIQUE opportunity this is! Maybe you could show us something you would never be able to show in school e.g. a pet or sibling? Or something too big or valuable to bring to school e.g. a piece of furniture or jewellery? I am hoping our dogs will be well behaved enough to make an appearance...we will see!  I also thought we could record our school prayer ready for our class led worship video. (Bless our school today, be in all we do and say. Be in every song we sing. Every prayer to you we bring. Amen).