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Friday 27th March

Activity 1

Lets kick start Friday morning with some children's yoga based on the book The hungry Caterpillar. This will be great for your child's physical development! This is related more to children within the EYFS so if your child has any younger siblings get them involved too! Follow the link I have attached below. 

Activity 2


Support your child reading these under the sea sentence cards. 

Activity 3

Grab some flour, sand, baby powder or soil from the garden and put it on a large plate or a baking tray would work better. With your child practice forming letters and numbers in the resource of your choice. Use the letter formation sheet to support. 



Activity 4

Use the number cards you made yesterday. Give your child a number card and challenge them to find this many of an item around the house. Demonstrate picking out the number 4 and going and finding four coats or four forks.