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It's Friday! Art day! YESSSSS!

My boys have been busy learning all about stop motion this week and I thought you might like a go too!


If you have access to a camera/phone, brilliant! If you have access to stop motion app, brilliant! Have a go, see what happens...


BUT if you don't, don't worry - the fun part is in making everything ready to film (there is no rush to film it).  Think about your story, build a set (maybe a cardboard box or Lego), design some characters - use paper, card, clay, natural materials - anything goes! If you are struggling for an idea to get started - why not recreate a scene from a book you are reading at the moment, or a funny thing that happened with your family recently, or just a wacky little idea that you just want to explore.


Have fun with it - I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I have included some videos we enjoyed as well as Tom and Harry's animations for you to see.