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Tuesday 16th June 2020

Answers to Friday's Riddles


  • Where do you find an ocean with no water? On a map
  • What has an eye bit cannot see? A Hurricane
  • What has hands but cannot clap? A Clock
  • Mary's father has 5 daughters: Nana,Nene, Nini and Nono. What is the 5th daughter called? Mary of course!
  • What becomes smaller when you turn it upside down? The number 9

Year 6 - Week 7 - Lesson 4 - Solve simple one-step equations

This is "Year 6 - Week 7 - Lesson 4 - Solve simple one-step equations" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo,

Today's worksheet to go with the above video


Today we have a very important task for you. Please can you write down some of your memories of your time at St Mary's on a piece of A4. They could be funny memories; a confession that you haven't told the teacher; a trip you really enjoyed or your memory of first starting school. Please could you type them if possible or write them in black pen and then take a photo. It would be really nice if you could include 2 photos of you: one from reception and one from now, they don't have to be you in your uniform but it would be nice if you had them. We would like to do something special with these so I would ask you to email them to me when they are done to:

The deadline is Thursday! I have put an example below so you can see what you are aiming for. Have fun!

ART - Continuing with the artist Andy Goldsworthy, below are a series of art challenges. Choose a different challenge for each day this week. 

Andy Goldsworthy Art Challenges

Find out more about Andy Goldsworthy from this Power Point