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Okay, so you have probably guessed what today's English task is. Have you?

Yes, you're right. It is time to write the end of our story. 

So we left the story yesterday with our example, 

She wasn't ready to be tricked by a wolf, she knew better than that.


Here is our example for the end of the story.


Little Red knew she had to beat the wolf to Grandma's house, so she reached into her backpack and took out her ice skates. In no time at all, she had arrived at Grandma's. She burst through the door and was thrilled to see she had indeed arrived before the wolf had. 

Luckily, Little Red and Grandma were quick thinkers and soon came up with a plan to trap the wolf. 

They laid their trap and waited for a knock at the door. It wasn't long before there was a rat-a-tat-tat. 

"Come in." called Grandma. 

The wolf pushed open the door and to his surprise a bucket full of snow fell on his head! 

He howled and went chasing away with his tail between his legs. 

Little Red and Grandma laughed until the moon came up in the sky.


So now enjoy writing the end to your story. Good luck!