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Painting, Malleable's and Craft



In our classroom we provide daily opportunities for children to develop their fine and gross motor skills in a creative way.

Painting allows children to work independently, providing them with a different way to communicate their thoughts either verbally or in the marks they make. Our craft and painting area is ongoing and always accessible to children. Children are taught how they can use this area of the classroom and throughout the year develop their skills and become more independent. We display children’s work in our art gallery and on topic displays.

Water and sand play is an excellent opportunity for children to explore and discover both scientifically and develop problem solving skills. Children can develop mathematical concepts surrounding weight through contextual, hands on and active learning.

Playdough activities are provided every day and link closely to our topics, for example during our focus on ‘All about me’ we provide tools and pictures to encourage children to make faces and body parts. Playdough offers children excellent fine motor skill practise along with other resources such as scissor cutting, threading laces, using tweezers etc.