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Friday 12th June


Friday 12th June

Daily spelling/maths/reading practice 
Spelling List: 19 - Mrs Dean will run your hive game today 
Quick Maths or SUMDOG practice
Listen to The Wild Robot

My Money Week: What is TAX?
This is a long document - you won't need all of it!  But if you want to do more on another day - feel free!

For today - Read and follow the plan on Pages 10, 11 & 12  After the video, there are up to 2 exercises to think about and discuss. 

NB: (the plan says there is an interactive version of the town but it doesn't work- instead children can look at the picture of the town on page 27. The answers can be seen on the following pages)

Junior Tax Facts

A simple introduction to tax for 8 to 11 year olds, which explains that taxes provide the money needed to pay for many essential things

I would like you to do a piece of art to go with this topic which will improve your drawing skills. Find a pair of boots or strong trainers - the sort you someone would wear for a day up Mt Snowden. Here are mine..

Place the boots/trainers on a table and sit in front of it. Arrange them in an interesting position. 
Before you start drawing take a good long look at them. Compare the lengths of the various parts, Find simple smaller shapes within the boot to sketch and build them up (don't start by just drawing an outline for everything - as this does not usually look right). Shade the boot  accurately (eg, just because the boot is brown - there are lots of different shades which show the folds and darker areas).
Here are some examples to show what I mean...

These would have taken a long time to draw - not 10 mins! See if you have the patience to sit and sketch. Remember to look up lots of times to examine what is in front of you... just like we used to do in class.