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Friday 3rd April

Activity 1

Get moving on a Friday morning! Start the day by promoting your child's physical and mental development. I have attached a few dance along videos for your child to join in and get moving. Enjoy! 

Activity 2

For today's phonics task your child will be exploring words with four sounds. I have attached a pdf sheet underneath that you can either print off and your child write in the phoneme frames or you can say the words and your child can practice writing them in their home learning book. Each frame has a picture to help you and your child identify what the word could be and the size of the box shows whether it will be a tall letter, long letter or a sound with two letters (special friends). The answer sheet is at the bottom if your need support identifying what the word is. 

Activity 3

There are patterns all around us! Can your child continue the patterns on this sheet or create their own repetitive pattern using beads, blocks, buttons or lego?

Activity 4