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Friday 19th June 2020

Spelling today at 11:00am. See you then!

Maths - Friday Fun Day

 It's been a while since you have practised your times tables. Have a go at these games is you are a bit rusty. If you are confident have a go at your factors, multiples and squares and cube numbers


Today it's your turn to have a go at writing a poem about your favourite food.

Think about Micheal's poem from yesterday, you may want to listen again. Think about how you are going to introduce your favourite food, how you are going to sneak a extra piece, are you going to get caught?

This poem is a free verse poem which means there is no rhyming.

Have a look at how he has set out the verses to help you. 

Chocolate Cake by Micheal Rosen

ART - Continuing with the artist Andy Goldsworthy, below are a series of art challenges. Choose a different challenge for each day this week.
CHALLENGE - I hope you have been enjoying the artwork this week. If you have why don't you apply for a Blue Peter Green Badge. I have put the link below. You could use the artwork and explain a little bit about the artist and why you have enjoyed making your pieces. At the moment you are able to apply for the badge via email. Good Luck!