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Monday 1st June

Spellings Week Beg: 1st June. Our spellings tests will continue on a Wednesday and a Friday at 11:00am. It is my favourite time of the week! Make sure that you know what each of the words mean too!












This week we will be using White Rose Home Learning and Corbett Maths.

For the Corbett Maths we will be doing the 5-A-Day. I will post the Bronze level but if you find it a little easy you can follow the link to the website and choose a level -  Silver, Gold or even Platinum! There are instructions on Monday as to how to get there. For the White Rose we will be doing week 4. The worksheets for this week are on the Year 6 home learnig page.

If you have any questions or problems please message Mrs South on Seesaw.

Maths White Rose Week 4


This week we are going to do some story writing. I would like you to watch the video below (you may need to watch it twice) and then answer these questions in your home learning book:

Who do we think the person is?

What is he doing? What is the significance of him burning equipment in the opening of the story?

Where is he now?

When is it happening and why? 

Where is he going?

Where has he been?

Where did the dragon come from? 

This will be the planning frame for your story so keep it safe!

"Eye of the Storm" - by Lovett

Official video for Lovett's Eye of the Storm directed by Christopher Alender, from the album, Highway Collection. To view a making-of of the video, click her...

Art Challenge:

Our writing this week is futuristic. Your art challenge is to imagine a futuristic world and create a costume/ clothing that would be worn by humans in the future. Consider climate change and how our clothing may need to be adapted to the needs of our changing environment.