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Covid-19 'Catch Up' Premium Funding

Covid-19 ‘Catch up’ premium funding.



In June, a £1 billion fund for education was announced by the government.  Further guidance has now been released ( showing that the money is split between a catch-up premium and a national tutoring scheme.  The catch-up premium is funded on a per pupil basis at £80 per pupil. The spending of this money will be down to schools to allocate as they see fit. 


Our aim

With this financial funding our aim has been and is to expressly provide additional support to develop the outcomes of children who have been identified as needing ‘catch up’ in their learning.   During the autumn term, after we had assessed and identified the gaps in learning, a teacher was employed solely to work closely with those children requiring catch up.   Children will be reassessed as they return to school in March 2021.



This funding has so far been received in two tranches from the Government as follows:


Autumn Term 2020          £3280.00

Spring Term 2021             £4660.00


Total Funding                   £7940.00




Cost of learning support from September 2020 to 1st April 2021                 


Autumn Term = £4250.05


The Spring Term expenditure figure will be calculated after Easter.


Going forward

It is anticipated that a further final payment will be received in the summer term.   With regard to next academic year we await information regarding continued funding for ‘Catch up’.