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Thursday 11th June

Thursday 11th June

Daily spelling/maths/reading practice 
Spelling List: 19
Quick Maths or SUMDOG practice
Listen to The Wild Robot

My Money Week: Planning a meal

Discuss what a good balanced meal looks like. You could use this interactive site.

Follow the discussion points on this PDF - There are different families that need a meal planned for them. 
Once the children have created a list of foods for their family - ask them to look up on the internet how much they would cost. Add up the cost of the meal. (Avoid them choosing excessive amounts and keep it a realistic meal - it's not a party feast!)

Finally - if time - tell them the family only has £5... How can the meal be adapted to keep within this budget?

Today's mountain expedition is to a place which is much easier to reach the summit and can be done in a day! 
Yes - it's Mount Snowden. I imagine some of you have been here (Iwould like to go this summer.. hopefully!)
So I could do with some help for my daytrip. Can you please use this website to help make me a nice clear plan on how I should go about this challenge.

What should I take in my rucksack?
Do I need special clothing?
Where do I start - and is there only one route?
Is it a good idea to take my dog Oscar? (He has little legs but can walk 4 miles )

So... lots to consider. I don't mind if you make this plan by hand - or on a computer


Thank-you Class 5 - can't wait to see your plans!.