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Friday 19th June

Friday 19th June

Daily practice:
Read your book / Wild Robot audio book
Spelling List 20
Play Sumdog or Hit The Button for times tables practice
How did you get on with the robot maths? I love robots!
Now, I hope you have all been good at practising your times tables - if not please spend the time today on Sum dog or Hit The Button. When you feel confident, go to this resource to be given an automatic timed test. You can choose the level and the time you want to answer. Try to be able to answer in 5 secs or less before moving on to learn another times table.
Robots and mechanisms rely on many different forces to create movement. Do you remember our Forces topic earlier in the year? Well, this is an activity that we never had the chance to complete - and is something I think you would really enjoy! Please make sure you have an adult help you with this and all of the safety information is followed.

How To: Shoot A Rocket Into The Air