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Thursday 21st May

Today we revisit 'coordinates'. Last time we practised this, we delved into using negative numbers and using all 4 'quadrants' of a grid.
YOUR TASK: Try drawing the coordinates and grid as shown on this video. 

If you are lucky enough to be able to print out the worksheet below - and you have enjoyed doing this, you might like the challenge of plotting this helicopter!

... and a video RAP about it just for fun!

2 Day task: In the past, the class would spend time making a model of a river using shoe boxes, scrunched up paper, tape, glue and paint. The 3D cross-section models have traditionally been the children's favourite task in this unit. So grab what re-cycling you can, and here are a few examples of how your River model could look...

It is important to show the river's journey, from the source high up on a hill or mountain, all the way down to the sea where it grows wider.
Your model should have little labels along it showing the names of the features (like tributrary, source, meander etc)