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Read with Oxford Stages – practice, progression and fun

When you’re helping your child to read at home, you’ll want to be sure that you’re giving your child the right books to support the learning they’re doing at school. You need books that are at the right level of challenge, and it’s also important that the books give your child plenty of practice of the reading skills they’ve recently learned. You’ll also want to be sure that these books are fun and link with your child’s interests, so that your child associates reading with enjoyment.

The Read with Oxford Stages use the same reading skills progression as Oxford Levels – but broken down into wider bands. These wider bands mean that Read with Oxford Stages:

  • provide clear and easy-to-follow progression from one Stage to the next
  • group together reading skills that children will be learning at around the same time
  • gradually increase children’s reading stamina
  • offer opportunities for extra practice, wider reading and skills reinforcement within the same Stage
  • dovetail neatly with the Oxford Levels your child is using at school.


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