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Wednesday 1st July

Today I have set a 'measurements' competition for you on SUMDOG. This picture shows the start and deadline. So please feel free to do this as a family. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the competition, as well as suggestions for topics you would like to have set on sumdog



Today's task is a grammar to help you know when to use 'was' or 'were'.
Parents - children often say, 'We was going to the shops...' instead of 'We were going to the shops....'
We call this a Subject Verb agreement. We have to understand how many subjects there are and what tense the sentence is. Complete the 2 star sheet and then try the fun interactive game afterwards to help them to know why there is a difference.

'Was, is, or has' - is for one person only (singular)

'Were, are, have' - more than one person (plural)