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Friday 3rd July 2020

How did you do yesterday? It was a....train.

Today's Riddle


If you ever want one of these
Then a license you must get
This transport’s spelled with three letters
But it isn’t called a jet


FRIENDS ON FRIDAY - who will you get in touch with today?

SPELLING HIVE - see you later for our weekly HIVE!


Watch this short clip about steam trains.

This is a clip from espresso so use your username: student15593 and password: griffin to watch the video.


Now listen to this next audio clip by clicking on the picture below. Brunel didn't invent the steam train, but he did design an incredible railway.

Find out about Brunel's GWR (Great Western Railway also known as God's Wonderful Railway!)

Here is a map of the Great Western Railway route.

Here is a blank map of the UK. Imagine you are Brunel and you have the chance to build a second Great Railway. Where would it start and finish? What is the reason you want to make a train track between these two places? Draw your new route onto the map and a label the places the train visits.

MATHS - Let's get Whizzy today with some subtraction sums.