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Thursday 2nd April

Activity 1

Good morning. Start the day by playing the game Fishy Phonics with your child. Can your child read the word and be quick enough to hook the picture? 

Activity 2 

Even though we use phonics now to teach children to read learning their abc is still important. Learning the alphabet will help them using things like a dictionaries, libraries etc. Explain to your child that the alphabet is a way to put the sounds in order, but the sounds don't sound the same as when we are using our phonics. Play the video I have attached underneath and learn/practice the song together. After challenge your child to write the letters in order. This can be done in their home learning book or on a piece of paper and stick it in. They may need your support to keep on track so keep singing the song! I have also attached a document with the letters in order so your child can use it to check their answers at the end. 

Activity 3

Time to get creative with shapes! I have attached 3 different activities your child can complete so have a look and see which one they would like to complete (you could save the others for a rainy day!). If you don't want to print anything out then you could cut some different shapes out and let your child decided what they are going to make with the shapes- a house, monster or rocket? The colouring picture could be used just for ideas! 

Activity 4

Time to get messy! 

I have attached two simple recipes one to make play dough and the other moon sand. Please don't feel like you have to do these activities if you haven't got the resources at home. You could always keep them for another time if you can't do it now. The play dough recipe states to use food colouring but I normally use paint if your have that! Following a recipe is great for your child's physical and mathematical development. Have fun!