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Numerator : Top number in a fraction

Denominator: Bottom number in a fraction



Have a go at chanting this like we do in class:

In a quiet voice, posh voice, squeaky voice, angry voice.

Tell everybody in your house to 'DIVIDE BY THE DENOMINATOR'!


When finding a fraction of an amount, you need to look at both the numerator and the denominator, but the DENOMINATOR gives us the clue about how many equal groups we need to divide the amount by.


For example 1/3 of 15. The denominator is 3 so we need to divide 15 into 3 equal groups.

If we did that, we'd get 5 in each group. So, 1/3 of 15= 5.

This is your task for today.

Watch the video and complete the white rose activities.

But...if you can't do that, have a go at finding fractions of a set of objects around the house.

e.g. pasta shapes, stones, shells, your little brother or sisters toy cars! Anything!