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Tuesday 7th July 2020


An animated version of William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' in a retelling of the classic play set to modern music. Watch the video of this classic tale and have a go at the activities below.

Activity 1 - you will have to do a little research to answer these.

Can you decide which of these statements about William Shakespeare are true or false? One has been done for you.

Activity 2

Imagine you are Miranda or Ferdinand. You are shipwrecked on the island and feel lonely.

Write a message in a bottle to your friends back home. You might include:

  • What has happened.
  • How you feel.
  • How your friends can help.
  • Other thoughts and feelings

Maths - Clue 2. Can you remember how to calculate with fractions? If you need a reminder use the website below or give me a shout!

Adding Fractions with Different Denominators

ART - Today is fish. Have a look at the pictured below for inspiration.