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Y3 - Home Learning

Letter from Mrs Jones and Mrs Goddard. We miss you Class 3! 1.4.20


Please continue to read daily at home. Read your school book or books you may have at home. Explore magazines or the newspaper. Try to read for at least 15 minutes each day.


There are some good audio books available for free online- World Book Online have made all of their 3000 ebooks (and audio books) FREE for children accessing at home. Enjoy listening to stories as well as reading them!

Interactive Pages for all of lower keystage 2 (Y3 & Y4). These are wonderful activities where children can input answers with automatic checking so they can see instantly if they need to move on or look again.
We suggest you work through these in order, unless your teacher directs you to a particular page.

The first set of questions can be missed out, or print out and colour if you are able to.