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Monday 18th May

Activity 1

Good morning! Let start the week with an activity to promote your child's physical development. Please follow the link below to watch and join in with a Cosmic Kids yoga all about crocodiles, dinosaurs and dodos! It is around an hour long so please do as much or as little as you like. 

Activity 2

 Please support your child reading the short story below. After support your child identifying the words that contain the 'ar' sound for 'start the car'.

Challenge - how may words can your child think of that contain the 'ar' sound? 

Activity 3 

Please support your child completing the sheet below. Your child will need to identify the pictures that show a word containing the 'or sound for 'shut the door'. Then support them writing the correct word under the image. Choose the sheet you feel is appropriate for your child. If you aren't able to print the sheet then support your child writing the words on a piece of paper.