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Double art today Year 3! Mrs Dean would love for you to all complete a self- portrait for her for September (please bring it into school in September for her). So TASK 1 is to complete a self portrait.

Below are some self portrait page borders - you do not have to use them at all! You may create your own border, or might not want a border. This is your choice! You could use crayons, pens or paints or a simple pencil drawing - whatever you have and entirely your decision!

TASK 2 - Now you have completed your self portrait, can you complete an Inner and Outer self portrait - this time half of your face with be a version of your self portrait, but the other half will include all of the things you LOVE, all of the things that make you... well, YOU! All of your likes and loves, for example animals, pets, hobbies, interests...again please keep these for Mrs Dean for September. But Mrs Jones and I would also LOVE to see them, please send us a picture on seesaw if you can!