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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning Class Two!

Did you practise the 'Look to the Rainbow' song yesterday? Let us know how you are doing and when you are ready send us a video or photo of you practising. 

Try to spend 10 minutes doing your spellings today. We have a Hive tomorrow if you want to join. You collect extra honey pots and then you can add to your avatar. 

Finally, Year Three have been challenged to take a photo of themselves reading their book in an unusual place in their house or garden. So, we are going to set you the same challenge. Send us a photo on Seesaw. 

Spelling sheets below. Your spellings will be on your Spelling Shed log-in.

Today's topic is about sharing and a place called the gurdwara. Below are the activities, there is one to complete before you watch the video. The link is on the activity sheets, but we have also put below so you can just click on it.

How to draw the Golden Temple (Gurdwara)

If you'd like to follow the steps to draw your own gurdwara, then below is a video to help you.
However, you can be as creative as you like, make it in 3D using any junk modelling you may have to hand, use paint, crayons, felt. You could even use chalk and make one outside on your patio (ask permission first).

Lesson 2.

This second lesson is recapping counting in 2s again. There are practise activities at the end that involve practical counting in twos forwards and backwards.

Challenge time - If you can't print out, then it shouldn't take too long to copy out these sums and make your own matching pairs. You can either play with a partner or by yourself. You can time yourself and try to beat your score.

Lesson 2 - answers