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Promoting British Values

We believe in teaching our children the values of tolerance, justice, democracy, liberty, equality, peace, respect and right and wrong. Children explore and demonstrate these values through a variety of pathways; in RE lessons, PSHE lessons, through assemblies, school council decision making processes, and by reaching out to be a part of our local community. We regularly have expertise from other agencies in school such as the NSPCC, Road Safety Officers, and more recently a wonderful workshop to KS2 by Western Power on dangers and behaviour around electrical power sub stations. The children continue to make strong community links in and out of school.


We often host joint sporting events with other schools and encourage all genders in all sports. Our children have wonderful sportsmanship and show tremendous warmth to visiting schools to make them feel welcome. And, to entertain and reach out to more vulnerable citizens, the children sing every Christmas at Headway Centre as well as the elderly in our local care home, which is always a special time for everyone. One year group put democracy into action, when they decided to create a campaign to save their school bus to their future secondary school. Independently, they showed initiative and passion for a local council issue which was about to affect their lives directly. They wrote letters to the council and were interviewed by the media. The children showed great clarity, politeness and respect throughout the campaign when they were putting across their points.


Our local community police officer, Dean, regularly visits our school to give talks to the children on local issues or to teach about good behaviour and staying safe in our village. We can rely on Dean to help us out for real life situations, or even to join us when we are fund-raising, as you can see here. 

(Mrs Jones, arrested for stealing the school Cup)

Our children learn about other faiths. They have visited a Hindu temple, a Sikh gurudwara as well as St. Paul's cathedral, alongside regular trips to our local church. Year 4 re-enacted serving food to each other in their classroom, empathising how 'Langar' is served in a Gurudwara. All of the children commented how it made them feel good to serve others.




Some of our older children often take the initiative to host school clubs; Y6 recently created a super football card-swaps club which helped everyone enjoy their swapping in a fair and managed environment, which was purposeful and fun for all.  (Well done Y6!)


Our Y6s are also lucky enough to visit the Queen's Household Cavalry in London when they go on their residential trip. Here you can see them learning all about how the soldiers serve Queen and country, and how hard they work to look after and care for the horses. These children were even allowed to pat Prince William's horse. Our children always write special thank-you letters to everyone who make their stay in London so enjoyable.