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Tuesday 9th June 2020

Turn it up Tuesday

Turn up the sound, get ready to stomp and have fun!!

Today you are going to learn about the T-rex. Click on the link and then the T-rex. Complete all three activities to earn your sticker rewards. 

MATHS - My money challenge - Watch the video of Max. Just click on the picture to take you to the video. If it is not in full screen mode, just scroll down to click on the expand icon.

 At end of the first video - vote for the either seaside or zoo. Then watch the next video.
At the end of each video, make a choice and another video appears -  (you play the video they vote for). Finally you will see all the different choices you have made. Did you make the right choices?

ENGLISH - Click on the link below to read an Oxford Owl book about Dinosaurs. Then answer the questions at the end. 














If you have been ordering some home deliveries during the lock down, you  may have access to some of these maize packing chips, used to protect fragile items in the post. Did you know that you can join them together by licking the ends? Obviously in these current times, please DON'T do this, instead wet with a cloth or damp sponge.

Try building a pterodactyl or plesiosaur skeleton out of the packaging chips. This brontosaurus can even stand up!


Or if you don't have access to these materials, you can make dinosaur skeletons on paper using pasta shapes. Look at these examples.