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Time to start writing your new Little Red Riding Hood story.

On Friday you should have decided on a new setting for your story. 

Today write the first part of your story. Stop writing when Little Red Riding Hood meets the wolf.

Here is our example;

Once upon a time a girl called Little Red lived with her Mother in an icy, cold place known as The Arctic. One morning Little Red woke up to the smell of chocolate cookies baking. She quickly dressed and brushed her teeth (a little too quickly) and raced down the stairs, hoping they were being baked for her breakfast.

"Take this basket of food to your Grandmother's." said her Mother. 

"Please can I eat a cookie first?" asked Little Red. 

"Not until you come back." replied her Mother.

So Little Red put on her red wellies, red woolly hat and red coat. As she opened the door, the cold wind nearly blew her hat off! Then she skated along the icy path.

It wasn't long before Little Red got distracted and began to build a snowman. She was having so much fun that she didn't see a shadow creeping towards her.