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Monday 20th April

Activity 1

Good morning! Lets kick start the week with some super power yoga from Cosmic Kids. Please follow the YouTube link I have attached underneath. 

Activity 2

Follow the link below to recap with your child all the sounds they have learnt so far (watch until 5.26). Your child has also learnt the sounds ll, ss, ff and ck which aren't in the video so it will be worth discussing these too. Tomorrow I will be starting to introduce them to the Set 2 Speed sounds via videos. I will message you with more information about this on Seesaw later today. 


 After that, use the words below to 'fred talk' to your child so they can have a go at writing the word. For example, say we are now going to try and write the word fish. You and your child count on your fingers how many sounds are in the word F - I - SH. There are three sounds! repeat again and then your child writes the word fish in their home learning book on the lines.

-(3 sounds) bell, well, fell

-(4 sounds) blob, blip, brat 

-(5 sounds) strop, stamp, stand - (If your child if finding 5 sounds tricky practice some more that contain 4 or 3) 


Remember when forming letters the most important thing is that your child is forming the letter the correct way rather than how neat they are. If your child is finding it tricky then model it for them.