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Tuesday 31st March

Activity 1

Good morning! 

Get your child's sound key ring out and have a practice of all the sounds. After, look at the word keyring and see if your child can read and blend some of the words. I'm going to upload and send another video of me reading a story tomorrow so please check your Seesaw messages. This story will help inspire your child for their writing task today!  (At the bottom of the page I have attached two videos of stories being read just incase you can't access the Seesaw video)

Activity 3 

Parents, draw different 2D shapes onto a piece of paper or card. You child's challenge is to use scissors to try can cut them out. Support your child with how they hold the scissors and encourage them to take their time so that they can be accurate. Start big and simple then your can challenge your child by making them smaller or more complex shapes like an octagon. Whilst doing the activity discuss the different shapes and how many sides they have. Ask questions like 'how do you tell a square and rectangle apart?', 'What's similar whats different?'.