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Today you need to write up your interview into a newspaper report style.

I've attached a template below so if you want to print this off and write onto it then do! If you don't have a printer, you can write directly into your home learning book. To make it look like a newspaper article, just simply draw a line across the top (room for a heading), then split the page in half (write down one side and then the other).


Your task today is to write about your interview with whoever you phoned yesterday.

You need to include:

1) An introduction (why you rang to interview that person)

2) You questions you asked and what the person replied

3) If you're quoting what they say, you must use inverted commas (speech marks) "..." 

e.g. I then asked my grandma what she had been doing indoors all day. She replied "Well, I've watched abit of countdown on the tele, which is my favourite, and then I did the crossword from my new book I bought before I had to stay indoors."

4) End your article