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Care Package / Letter

In the story Simon finds it very hard not seeing Rosie during lockdown. It has been a difficult few months for everyone, I am sure you have loved some parts of it and not enjoyed others as much. For many not being able to see family or friends has been hard and it will have been hard also for your friends or family! For today's task I would like you to think of someone that may be missing you (and who you are missing) and write them a letter, remember to include what you have been doing and any news you may have. You can post or deliver (socially distancing of course). You might want to go one step further and create a 'Care package' to include a letter and some other treats such as a tea bag, their favourite sweets, a chocolate bar, a pen and paper so they can write back, maybe a photo of you if you have one! You can include anything you think they would enjoy and will make them smile - that is the aim! Please take a photo of your letter or care package before your send it, I would love to see them!