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Wednesday 24th June 2020


See you at 1pm. We are doing Show and Tell again this week as it was so lovely to see you sharing your favourite things with us. 

However, next week we have something different planned to do with you all!

Wild Wednesday

Click on the picture below to play the game. There are 15 patterns to identify. Please play this game with an adult as there are some adverts and pop ups.


The Dog And His Reflection by Aesop

English - Writing Task. 

Write your own story using the ideas from The Dog and his Reflection. Keep the same story plot, but change the main character to another animal. What food would that animal have and where would they get it from? Write the story with your chosen changes and give it a title and some illustrations. 

How to draw a dog

Follow these steps to draw a cute dog.  Can you draw him by a river? Or even his reflection?

SCIENCE - we know how you LOVE a science experiment, so here is one below. It isn't about a dog but is about a frog!

Year 2 - Week 9 - Lesson 2 - Describing turns