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Monday 29th June

Activity 1 


Good morning! Get your child moving with these different dance and exercise videos on Go Noddle Champiverse. 

Activity 2 

Follow the link below to go to the Oxford Owl website.

If you haven't already created a free account please do! It will not only get you onto today's activity but there are so many free reading books for your child to read to you.


. When on the site click on the Ebooks button on the top of the page to go to the Ebook library 

. In the search bar search for the book Get up! (red ditty book) 

. This book will help develop your child's phonic and reading skills 

. On page 4 of the book there are instructions on how to use the book with your child


Each book contains four short stories. Please don't feel that you need to read them all in one go! You can easily read the first two and come back to read the last two later in the week.

Activity 3

Activity 4

Spend sometime supporting your child exploring a page on the Cbeebies website that focuses on staying safe at the seaside (I have attached the link to the page below).  After, support your child creating a poster to help promote keeping safe in the sun and at the seaside. You can use the template I have attached below or use card/paper. Encourage them to use lots of colour as it needs to be eye catching!