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The Service Families Dandelion Club

Welcome to the Service Families Dandelion Club!


Our Service Families Dandelion Club has been set up to support our service children and their families within our school. We meet once a week during a lunchtime. We aim to:-
Help settle new children and make the transition into their new class as easy as possible.

To meet other service children within the school in an informal and fun setting.

Support the children, when Mum or Dad might go away, by letter writing, drawing pictures, having a chat with other children who are or have experienced the same feelings.

To be there as a friendly ear for any situation. Our Service Families Pastoral Support Lead has a number of resources that may help you and your child at home during difficult times.  Please just come in and ask or drop us an e-mail.  We also have a copy of the book, "My Daddy's Going Away" (see the link below), if you would like to view it.

As of February 2024 our Service Families Dandelion Club is run by Mrs Compton-Davies, our Service Families Pastoral Support Lead and supported by Mrs Clayton, an experienced member of our Teaching Assistant Team (and ex-service personnel). 


We also offer pastoral support for both parents and children as and when needed. 

Other services that we offer:-

*   1-1 sessions with our Service Families Pastoral Support Lead

*   Fun focused activities for all ages

*   Coffee morning/afternoons with our Service Families Pastoral Support Lead

*   Drop in sessions for Service Family parents with our Service Families Pastoral Support Lead
*   Extra Curricular support if required
*   SEN/SENCO support and advice

*   Moving schools booklets
*   Great links between the Military and School
*   Charity days, for example Help for Heroes/Red White & Blue Day/Armed Forces Day (during June), organised by our children.
*    Partnerships with other local Schools to share best practice.








Please contact the HIVE once you have an address so that the right information can be given to you prior to your move.


The staff are extremely helpful in giving you lots of advice about your impending move and will be ready to help you with any queries and concerns you may have. 


HQ Hereford Garrison, Hereford.  HR4  7DD

E mail -

Telephone - 01432 357311 and ask for the HIVE