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Monday 1st June

Activity 1 

Good morning! To shake things up I have chosen a new way to get your children moving for our Monday morning workouts. Please follow the link below to watch episode one of Andy's Wild Workouts 'under the sea'. After go onto episode two 'African Savannah' as there only 6/7 minutes long. You may have seen this programme before as it's on the Cbeebies channel. 

Activity 2 

Please watch the RWI phonics video below to recap all the sounds your child had learnt since they started Reception. Watch until 7.12 as a few at the end we haven't learnt yet.


After, support your child spotting the 'air' sound in a short story. Then support them writing the words to go with the picture on the sheet below. If you are unable to print the writing sheet then look at the pictures together and write the words on paper or in you child's home learning book.