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Small World and Role Play

Small World and Role Play


Small world and role play in the early years is a style of imaginative play which uses toys and props.


At St Mary’s, our small world resources are varied and interesting. We change small world environments depending on the topic and children’s own ideas. Small world play allows an insight to children’s understanding of the world and consolidates their learning.

It allows the children to demonstrate the language that they already know and build new interactions with their peers and adults.  It supports a breadth of language skills including building vocabulary, conversation and understanding. Children narrate their play and talk about what is happening as they interact with the resources.


Examples of our Small World play are: vehicles, castles, animals, dolls house and trainsets.

In reception we have two role play areas. One is a domestic home corner setting. The other changes every half term and is linked to our topic. For example: doctors surgery, castle and one of the children's favourites a dinosaur museum.